April 11, 2016

Hey everyone. Nick here. 

This past week big brother Chip and big brother Doug flew me down to LA to work from home base. That being said since I would not be accompanied by my fancy-schmancy automatic vehicle I would be forced to learn to drive stick, otherwise I would be completely stranded and deem perfectly useless to the company for 2 whole weeks. So what better way to learn something brand new than to be completely thrown into the gauntlet and a good ol round of trial and error? That’s right - pretty much anything else than driving a 1962 VW Bus through LA traffic. Needless to say it was a bit bumpy at first (pun intended) but after a few good runs, many a stares, angry honks, a few thumbs ups, and even a creepy man offering to show some skin for free swag I came out as the victor. That being said, if you ever see a handsome young lad tearing up the roads of CA in one of our many Rebel Coast buses (yes, we now have three) wave me down and I’ll be sure to give you some of our notorious swag!