July 01, 2014

It's been only a few weeks since the RCW Crew moved to Hermosa Beach, CA and so far we've been making waves in the South Bay! First off we made sure we moved into a house that could fit the personality of Rebel Coast...so we acquired Jack Black's old house. Second we needed to make sure that it could handle Chip's Workshop projects, behold the garage from heaven that could only fit the imagination of Chip. Third we needed to make sure Doug had his yard to BBQ the finest feasts this side of the Mississippi and last but not least it needed to be near the beach for Miss Kate to go take in all the CA sunshine "all the time". We've made this place our home and we want to make sure we can share the excitement with you so if your ever feeling brave and just plain nosey cruise on over and say hello...seriously our door is always open because we don't know how to close it.

Happy Summer Boys and Girls