San Diego...Sing or Go Home

February 28, 2013

Rebel Coast Winery, Kate Seiberlich, Doug Burkett, Chip Forsythe, Ted Gibson, Denise Yaves

So this is me....and this is me singing "Ain't no sunshine" by Bill Withers, while holding my crotch for some reason. Because thats what you do when your feeling passionate...right? So anyways this is me in Point Loma, San Diego at the Harbor Town Pub and I am singing in the wednesday night karaoke semifinals. Well to keep a bad story short I won R&B night, how? I do not know but I did and now I have to come back to San Diego to sing in the finals. Which I could possibly win a trip to Las Vegas and also win a pony keg...or an actual pony. And if thats the case, I am totally coming home with a pony end of story. Watch out for an update soon.


p.s. damn you chip for sending me pictures of those strippers at Paul's birthday...damn you.