Post Valentines Day

February 15, 2013

Well once again the Gentlemenz of Naked Rebel Winery were a lonely crew on Valentines Day. And honestly I believe Cupid was too drunk to shoot an arrow to help us out. Chip went out into the night in San Francisco while Doug ventured out into Glendale, needless to say this story wont get much more exciting than the fact that so far our blog posts have been about complete failure in the "hookin up" category. So we'll just go with the fact that Chip and Doug are still striking out...and why I am talking in the third person is just if there is any single girls reading this and got this far...maybe give us call and cheer us up. Happy Post-Single Awareness Day bitches.

Chip: 214-886-2882

Doug: 818-425-3354

Rebel Coast Winery, Doug Burkett, Chip Forsythe

we could use the help...