YouTube Famous

February 01, 2013

Well it is official, we are growing out of our baby cloths.   We bottled the last 8 barrels of 2007 Naked Rebel on Tuesday in Napa.  It was tough but fun, and now we are waiting for the 2008 to get ready!    Doug moved out of the bunk beds down to LA to sell wine and train our ever growing sales team, so Chip is lonely in SF :(   We also spent the last 3 days on a deserted island spear fishing and running around like mad men on a full moon.  

 As far as heartbreaks go, grab a tissue, b/c this one hurts.  So thanks to advances in modern technology, I got the green light from the French girl!!!!!

We are YouTube famous love birds.   The only problem is I just dropped her pretty face off at the airport. Now the distance between France and the Greatest Country in the world is not the problem, the problem is that she lives in France, Paris to make things worse. And every time I think about actually getting a ticket to that hopeless, non-working, surrender monkey of a country, I remember what my grandpa use to say.   "Chip, the Gays are a very clean people, they have always been that way, ever since they came here from France..."   So long story short I will probably never see her again :(     Doug is in LA so who know what he is getting into down there, but he has had a very grumpy sounding voice the last couple days, so I bet he is not getting into to much.    And that brings us to Kate.   Now I am pretty sure she does not read these, but she is super hot and cool and single, and would make a killer lady friend. So if you are Healthy, Single and Disease free, and have gotten this far, here is her number. (805) 443-530    I know that is only 9 numbers, but if you really want to talk to her, you have to guess the last one.