August 21, 2017

The History of Marijuana Infused wine:

Our technique for making this Marijuana Infused wine dates back to the first settlers in California. In the early days, it was not uncommon for the winemakers and cellar workers to make a barrel of it for personal use. It is commonly referred to in the industry as “Double Vintage”, or “Cellar Man’s Select”.

Most winemakers are also farmers growing their own grapes. In California the conditions to grow grapes as well as marijuana are perfect.   A vineyard is already trellised and irrigated, so it is not uncommon for winemakers to plant a few marijuana plants in between their grape vines. Here at Rebel Coast Winery, we did not pioneer this technique, we perfected it.

About this wine:

Our grapes are grown in the warm Sonoma California. Cloud Colony is a single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, harvested in September of 2016. When the grapes get to the winery the grapes are immediately removed from their stems and pressed. After the juice is transferred to a tank or barrel, fermentation is begun. Our Marijuana is organically grown outdoors, and a proprietary blend of Indica and Sativa. We then activate the THC in our ovens, and the marijuana is added to the half way fermented wine.

Fermentation is very violent on a molecular level, which extracts some THC from the Marijuana. The main extraction happens because THC is alcohol soluble, and with the wine aging at ~13% alcohol, the TCH is quickly extracted.   Once the THC is extracted, It is strained out after about 9 days. A few months later the wine is racked off  it’s lees, and left to age for 6-9 more months. 

Before bottling most white wines are cold stabilized, and then filtered. This is a step we deliberately do not do. This Sauvignon Blanc is not filtered before bottling. We do this to preserve the flavor, and TCH remaining in the wine. We also deliberately do not add sulfur to the wine. Sulfur can denature the THC compounds.

This extraction process does not yield massive amounts of THC. It is not like edibles where one-to-many nibbles can ruin your day. 1-2 glasses of wine will give you a great feeling, but not put you in a hammock for 16 hours.


Because of the marijuana addition, this wine has a very herbaceous nose. It smells of marijuana, lemon grass, lavender, and citrus.


This wine is a stainless steel Sauvignon Blanc and has every character of it. It has high acid, with bright citric, and a crisp clean finish. Surprisingly it does not taste strongly like marijuana; instead, the Sauvignon Blanc powers the mouth feel, while the marijuana powers the nose. It is crisp, refreshing and best served chilled.


This is an unfiltered white wine with no sulfur added. It is not made to be cellared for very long; so about 1 year would be the longest recommended time before opening. It should be stored out of direct sunlight, horizontally in a cool place. 

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