Intern and straight up Personal Assistant

So you want to come work with us? Dope! But so do like a million other people. I promise I am not a mean person in real life, but you too would be a little annoyed if you got 50 emails a day from people who live in shitty flyover states that want “a change” and are looking to move out to sunny California and get into the sexy, romantic wine industry?

Have you been

to scared

to do it until you told your friends your New Years resolutions along with losing that 20lbs you picked up during the holidays? Well good luck with all that shit, but you're not for us. I won't reply to your shitty resume with a “Thanks for sending this! We will hold on to your resume and consider you when another position opens up J” We don’t have an HR team like that.   I will simply sign your phone number up for as many credit card and student loan telemarketers as possible.   Yet, I’m that petty. 

Ok so here is what we need. Someone who can do a ton of, I guess just bitch work.

2 days a week I need you to be in our “office” in Redondo Beach to help out with whatever behind the computer screen stuff we need. Think customer responses to emails, updating shit on our website, writing and filing stuff. That type of thing. Then, when we need something urgently delivered to West Hollywood during rush hour traffic, you’ll be the one behind the wheel. Can you drive stick? Not a deal breaker but a plus.

Does building and mailing out 50 box’s sound sexy to you? Perfect! Does selling a pole table Chip drunkenly bought on craigslist sound fun to you? Great! Are you good at taking high-quality photos with something other than an iPhone? Bingo! Do you live within 20 minutes of Redondo Beach so when we forget to do something your just a hop skip and jump away? Epic!

I can not emphasize how NOT glamorous this job is, but we are a startup, and if you are good at what we need, you’ll be more then an intern. Are you following? So, it is with a heavy heart, which I am giving you the email address to apply with. It's


at In the subject line write what you dig about our winery the most or we won’t even open it. Attach your Instagram handle so we can stalk you before responding, and tell us why on earth we would want to hire you for a measly, $15/hour.