Library Wine - 2007 Naked Rebel


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  • Library Wine - 2007 Naked Rebel
  • Library Wine - 2007 Naked Rebel

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There are only 69 of these bottles left in our library (which is why they are so $$)

50/50 2007 Napa Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon and 2007 Amador County Syrah.

Winemaker's Notes

When someone picks up a bottle of Naked Rebel for the first time and feels the weight of the high-quality glass we use to contain this wine, it’s safe to say they feel a tinge of awesomeness. You know. One similar to what Lewis and Clark felt when they first saw the Pacific. This wine has never driven the speed limit, but has also never forgotten to open the door for a lady, just like the two brothers behind Naked Rebel. These brothers started making wine a few years back when they could no longer afford to buy the immeasurable amount of amazing Napa wine they were used to drinking. Now, the boys at Naked Rebel are making a red blend that pairs perfectly with dinner parties and kissing a stranger on the mouth.


We used the strongest American made glass we  could find and then screen printed directly onto the bottle with glow-in-the-dark ink. Why? Because we all need a little light to see sometimes when being rebelliously naked in the dark.



We have to imagine that our wine tastes like French kissing Chuck Norris. But seriously, since everyone’s pallet is different, it’s dumb to issue a blanket statement, but here it is anyway. Naked Rebel is velvety and smooth at the beginning, with hints of blackberries, and dark red currents. Perfectly balanced, the wine then seamlessly transitions from fruit to balanced tannin and white pepper structure. And rather than leaving your mouth dry, the wine easily urges you on to your next sip.


The nose of this wine is ever changing, so it depends on how long you’ve let it sit in your glass. On first opening, it breathes of red cherry with hints of raspberry bramble, but the more it aerates, or as it’s decanted, the wine explodes with toasted oak, fresh vanilla, and freedom.


Sooooo Chip thinks he’s funny and as a joke, drew a very professional sketch of each of us and put our names and cell phone numbers on each cork. Yep...

What's Written on the back?

(Every Vintage we write a new back label)

This wine goes out to all those that have lived by the philosophy that it takes a big man to cry: but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at that person. our disdain for authority started in the first grade, and kept landing us in the principal's office. In high school we dodged our parents threats of military school, and barely made it to college. Once there, we started bootlegging wine, and selling it to kids in the dorms. half of us graduated. Now we make wine in the ugliest, and most unorthodox style ever. The worst part is, it tastes amazing. We still make the foil on top out of recycled ammunition, meaning this wine pairs perfectly with every food, and anyone who has mentally prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  But if you love white zinfandel, and drive your Prius here, put this bottle down, it is not for you.

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