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  • SUNDAY FUNDAY 2016 Rose
  • SUNDAY FUNDAY 2016 Rose

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Hold on to your horses!!! We only just put this sparkle pony fairy princess unicorn of a rose into the bottle February 8th 2017, so it needs some "Me Time" for a month or so.  We don't even have a class photo of the wine in bottle, just these iPhone photos of us bottling it....

And never forget, "bottle shock" is a very real thing, and we have definitely released a wine right after bottling it. The excitement got to us; and we totally forgot wine taste like shit for the first couple weeks it is in bottle, but never again! (remember the whole premise of the movie Bottle Shock)?  

So bear with us, and we will send out a newsletter when this nectar of the gods is ready.   Oh and we have also been making Rose-a-rittas with it, so unless we forget, there will be a recipe on how to make them in the newsletter too :) 

If you want to pre-order this then by all means!  But don't you dare expect wine in your hands before March 15th!

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